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Click on year, and when juke box comes up click whatever song you want.
This is great, take a trip back in time and recall the good old days!

The MuSiC RooM
40's JuKeBoX
1950 JuKeBoX
1951 JuKeBoX
1952 JuKeBoX
1953 JuKeBoX
1954 JuKeBoX
1955 JuKeBoX
1956 JuKeBoX
1957 JuKeBoX
1958 JuKeBoX
1959 JuKeBoX
1960 JuKeBoX
1961 JuKeBoX
1962 JuKeBoX
1963 JuKeBoX
1964 JuKeBoX
1965 JuKeBoX
1966 JuKeBoX
1967 JuKeBoX
1968 JuKeBoX
1969 JuKeBoX
Ultimate 40's
Ultimate 50's
Ultimate 60's
Ultimate 70's
Ultimate 80's

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